Information for Life Insurance Professionals and Agents

Information for Insurance Professionals

Life Insurance and Life Settlement Information for Agents and Brokers

If you work with CPAs and attorneys who serve as trustees for trust-owned life insurance then you know the integral part they play in making sure their clients are kept abreast of changes in Life Insurance offerings and Life Policy evaluations. Your first objective should be to contact the CPAs and attorneys who are members of your referral network and discuss the topic of life settlements with them. History has shown that continuing to follow up on this divers group demonstrates your continued value to the trustee and while a life settlement may come to fruition often other opportunities will floe from this simple follow up. A life settlement could be a solution for ILIT policies that are not performing according to expectations.

The Secondary Market for Life Insurance -- How Insurance Agents / Financial Professionals Benefit

Because a viable secondary market for life insurance improves its value as an asset and thus increases the demand for new insurance in the primary market, agents as a whole benefit from involvement in the secondary market. Adding value to existing relationships and demonstrating new products that can fit changing needs has been the forefront of our success and the agents and brokers we have worked with over the many years we have been in this space.

How we assist Agents and Brokers in tapping into this emerging market