Life Insurance Premium Financing

Premium Finance Solutions

Obtain Life Insurance while Deferring the High Cost of Premium Payments

Premium financing enables clients to obtain the life insurance needed while, at the same time, deferring the high cost of premium payments.

Typical candidates include those requiring a life insurance policy but not willing to fund the premiums from their own resources. Financing your life insurance policy enables ICP clients to put capital towards existing and future investments.

Premium financing involves lending funds to the client to cover the cost of insurance premiums. One of the benefits of premium financing is that it eliminates the requirements for the insurers / owners to have to pay large premium payments to insurance carriers.

Integrity Capital Partners strives to be the best provider of insurance premium financing in the country. We believe in helping our clients achieve the economic and financial security they deserve by providing a safe and sound investment opportunity. We pride ourselves on our “Raving Fan” service.

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