Information for Life Settlement and Insurance Attorneys

Information for Attorneys

Life Insurance and Life Settlement Information for Attorneys

Because Life Settlements offers the client a new estate planning tool, attorneys involved in this area of practice should become familiar with Life Settlements within the range of options available to meet their client's changing needs. Because a Life Settlement transaction removes the life insurance benefit from the original beneficiary's estate, counsel will want to evaluate the probate and estate considerations arising from the transaction.

Due Diligence

Not only will attorneys be encouraged to perform due diligence as it relates to recommending the Life Settlement Investment option to their client as an estate planning tool, but they will also be expected to perform due diligence on the brokers and firms handling the Life Insurance Settlement transaction. Although efforts to regulate Life Settlements are gaining momentum throughout the nation, Integrity has found that some states are only minimally involved and some prefer that the industry continue to police itself.

Integrity Capital Partners Can Help

We can assist estate and tax attorneys in matching their client's policy potential. Additionally, while the laws have been quickly changing and evolving our continued involvement as part of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) our ongoing efforts to assist and shape policy puts in a unique position to provide our professional clientele up to date legal and accounting information.